The Point of Sale System for Events

Secure RFID Payment Technology
with the industry’s fastest and most user friendly cashless solutions
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Increase on-premise revenue a minimum of 20%

Speed up transactions
& reduce lines

  • Customers spend 20-67% more money and visit vendors more often per client statistics
  • Lines move quickly – payments are made with a simple tap of the wrist
  • Billfold allows customers to link their bank cards directly to their RFID bracelets upon entry to an event – no set limits, no need for re-upping

Increase tips
Happy employees = better business

Staff are the face of an event, responsible for bringing in revenue and also creating an experience – Billfold’s customer interface can raise tip averages by 5-10%

Minimize cash handling

Minimize labor – no opening count or closing currency collection
Increase security – prevent internal theft, counterfeiting, robbery

Self Check-in Terminal

User-friendly interface allows customers to link their bank cards to RFID bracelets in under 20 seconds

Billfold is customizable to collect email, and other customer data upon entry to the event

Additional room on the screen can be used to advertise upcoming events or event partners/sponsors

Self Check-in Terminal
Point of Sale Terminal

Point of Sale Terminal

Developed to drive efficiency for bartenders

Created by industry veterans to answer all necessary needs for high volume events

Takes less than 5 minutes to learn

Customer Facing Monitor

Real time order display for customers

Customizable tipping options

Large interchangeable advertisement display

Customer Facing Monitor

Capture sales data & audience insight

Real-time sales reporting from all vendors

Vendor transparency and accountability

Inventory tracking and detailed reports - know which products are selling, and where

Know your customer base

  • Email
  • Purchase History
  • Spend amount

Innovative Dual-Screen Design

Engaging advertisement opportunity

Use real-time sales data for targeted advertising
and new brand activations

Increased staff mobility and minimal footprintI

Completely wireless

Increase sponsorship – capitalize on impulse buying with
product placements on fixed customer-facing POS screens

Real-time order display and preset tipping options

Completely wireless with 72-hour battery life

Easy to train and install

Intuitive software design – train staff in less than 5 minutes

On-site support – Billfold staff will set up and monitor the system throughout the event


Nicole Pinto
First time using Billfold POS this weekend. Great payment experience for guests and concert staff alike
Diana Lovrin
Billfold is the best way to bartend! It saves so much time and hassles. You don’t have to deal with wet paper, or entering in tips at the end of a shift, or fumbling with check presenters taking up space, or customers leaving their credit cards. And people find it fun:-)
Alexander Rosario
It's so easy to use. As a bartender, I don't have to worry about holding on to credit cards and sloppy credit card receipts or inputting tips . The customer pays while I make the drinks. Tips have gone up cause of two factors: I get to make more drinks and customers will either go with the default tip settings or will at least use that as a suggestion for what to tip.
Frankie Delessio
The easiest and most expedient system to use in the service industry on both sides, customers and the employees who are operating Billfold. Customers never wait long for their transactions to go through. Employees never have to worry about losing receipts, finding pens, finding more receipt paper...etc. Highly recommend for any high volume establishment.
Fred Epstein
Nothing but praise for Billfold! It’s been a game changer for me as a high volume bartender making transactions quick and easy. Customers are able to have fun without worrying about cards or cash and tip percentages have increased dramatically. It also eliminates chargebacks since the bracelets are always on their body. Brilliant. Highly recommend.
Julian Sauvé
Great interface and really simple to use as a bartender. Billfold really speeds up the payment process and allows me more time to make drinks and sweet talk the customers which is good in any situation. The team behind it are very friendly and the training process couldn't of been more simple. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to speed up sales and productivity of their business.
Willem Ossorio
The best POS I’ve ever seen!

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